Women Willpower Alliance Vision

(Code of Conduct - *REVISED 06.06.2020) 

Women Willpower is an alliance of women (& people) who believe in helping their fellow women (& people) thrive In business, as leaders, and in order to bring our authentic & unique value forward into our communities, into our workplaces and into our homes & families in order to create true gender parity and full economic equality with equal opportunities to thrive. 

  • Together, we are learning to Speak Our Value,  
  • and boldly Step Into Greater Influence,   
  • with our hearts open, 
  • with deep respect and honor for one another,
  • and with an unwavering commitment to unity & equality for all.  

It is because of our vast diversity of backgrounds, knowledge and experiences that our collective wisdom is so powerful and impactful. This belief in the value of diversity and of equality for all people sits at the center and core of our organization. It is through this lens that we believe our differences make us stronger & our imperfections chart a path for growth or collaboration.  

*We believe that our differences make us stronger, we welcome & embrace differences in gender, race, ethnicity, creed, sexual orientation, and other unspecified tribes, - so long as none encroaches on or dominates over another.  

We come together to be of service to one another – to the larger community - and - in service to ourselves at the same time. We bring our asks to the group for help, and we bring our stories forward in response to those asks.  

We operate without judgement, and we resist becoming each other’s advisors.  Instead of advising each other, we offer our stories, experiences and our knowledge into the collective wisdom, so others may be aware of our experiences & as they choose their path for themselves. We look to support each other as we gather information on how they’ve addressed similar challenges, obstacles, barriers and hurdles.   

We are an alliance of women (and people) who believe in helping each other thrive in order to grow our businesses, careers and leadership roles in order to take hold of our stake in the marketplace, to bring our authentic and unique value to the community. We seek to thrive. We seek to positively influence our communities and our families as equals. We pursue our dreams, our goals and our equality. 

* Women Willpower is an anti-rascist, womens organization that welcomes anyone who identifies as a woman to join. One day in the future, we will admit all people, once the need for safe spaces where under-represented women is no longer needed. 

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