Meet Angeline

Angeline is President of OnMarket Solutions, a marketing and communications strategic planning firm specializing in executive communications, content / thought leadership marketing and strategic partnership development.

Angeline brings innovative design thinking to start-ups, small business and not for profits. This expertise combined with an interest in building public-private partnerships led her to co-found TEDxWestChester and the Uptown Knauer Performing Arts Center. 

In 2017, Angeline founded Women Willpower offering masterminds and business development programs where women collaborate to build businesses and grow as leaders - with an interest in leveraging impact investing for economic parity.

Early experiences include working on the launch team at the Charles Schwab Donor-Advised Fund Schwab Charitable, working as an early employee in Marketing, Communications and Business Development roles for start-ups such as the SAAS firm Ciright, whose patent on environmental sensing was a pioneer in Cloud-Based Solutions, Le Bec Fin’s famous brand Antoine Amrani Chocolates, and with the private equity firm West Chester LLC whose focus on local investments paved the way for robust business improvements in her hometown of West Chester, PA - following the 2008 recession. 

Angeline is a value strategist focused on building strong companies with cultures that support growth focused teams. 

Women Willpower Vision

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